This is James' Laboratory Notebook, which aims to be a collection of all of my thoughts on the things that I am working on, researching, thinking about, etc.

It is meant to be primarily useful for me to organize my thoughts, and potentially as reference material for sharing my notes with other people.

If you would like a more "stream of consciousness" style view of what I am working on, consider following me on twitter.

Pull requests that add relevant details are welcome, pull requests that restructure, rearrange, or add details that aren't arbitrarily considered useful to me will not be accepted.

This document is tracked on GitHub in this repository.

This document was inspired by whitequark's Lab Notebook, though is structured on a topic basis, rather than on a chronological basis. Chronological notes can be found in the Notes section.


This document is licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.