Adafruit EInk Display


Microchip 23K640

8KB/64Kb SRAM - Max Clock 20 MHz


Control chip seems to be part of the display assembly?

Resolution is 212 x 104

Guessing from the Adafruit code, the controller is either an IL0373 ("Z16" variant) or SSD1686 ("RW" variant).

Connector reads "WFT0213CZ16LW"

Seems to match Waveshare's similar hat product:

EPD waveshare doesn't seem to support 2.13" displays

Waveshare code seems to be here:

This folder has a couple potential matches?

This one looks like it PROBABLY is enough:

Ah! It looks like the "Z16" variant has the matching resolution (212x104), while "RW" is probably the more recent display which has a higher resolution (250x122).

Oh. This one is even called the "RW Panel with SSD1680":

And the original one says "Driver chip is the IL0373". I should practice my reading skills.