Spring Project Survey

Here's a brainstorm of the projects that I have in flight. Maybe with some progress notes.

LiPo Stamp

  • Boards built
  • Partially assembled test rig
  • Need to finish test rig, new black pill breakouts can help
  • Not blocked by anything
  • Need to update project page

Sensor Clock

  • PoC running for ~2-3 weeks
  • e-paper display PoC working, needs to be wired up to embedded-graphics
  • Needs cleanups, probably i2c timeout handling, though watchdog is suitable.
  • Needs wireless comms to track data remotely
  • Maybe design more "final" PCB?
  • Needs speakers wired and driver written
  • Maybe wants some LEDs?
  • Maybe switch to bigger e-paper display?
  • Need to add project page

USB Keypad

  • Planning to "ship" first version for Laura
  • Finally got keycaps!
  • Needs "final" PCB(s) designed and built
  • Needs further keyberon integration (currently panics when using Keyberon)
  • Need to clean up the wire rats nest, either:
    • Some IDC cable assembly?
    • Hand wired/soldered connections?
    • Mix of the two?
  • Need to write a project page


  • Parts ordered (e-paper screen(s))
  • Dev board built, extension port to-do
  • Basic display work done
  • Need to do system bring up
    • Neotron bios hello-world done
  • Could design a PCB? no rush though, dev board should be suitable
  • Could think about case design, maybe with Laura?
  • Need to solder switches to keypad
  • Think about second (e-paper) display
  • Could use LiPo stamp
  • Need to update project page


  • 9.7" screen ordered
  • Probably will have same core as the calculator, should bring that up as a platform first.
  • Could use LiPo stamp
  • Needs a project page


  • Boards ordered
  • Need to get a basic BSP crate set up
  • I have some ideas for add-on shields:
    • RS-485 or Differential I2C for long range comms?
    • Battery shield?
    • Wireless shield?
    • "clink" PWM audio card
  • Design a lego "shadow box" with Laura?
  • Need to add project page

Fairy Lights project

  • Did some research on supercaps
  • It seems like supercaps + a buck regulator are going to make each board sort of expensive and large
  • Need to do some more research on cables, or even energy harvesting? Solar Panels? Precision charging laser?