Kailh Choc Low Profile 1350s

kailh switch image

These low profile switches have a size of 15mm x 15mm x 8mm. These are the same switches used on the MNT Reform. I also use this for my Calculator project.

The switches have a 5.00mm x 3.15mm window for LEDs.

The MNT Reform uses the following center-to-center spacing for the keys:

  • X spacing of keys: 18.60mm
  • Y spacing of keys: 17.60mm

This spacing seems to give an approximately 1.1mm gap between the keycaps of each key.

They are not compatible with Cherry-MX switches. The MNT Reform has a variety of footprints and symbols available for use.

These switches seem to come in three varieties:

  • Red - "Linear"
  • Brown - "Tactile"
  • White - "Clicky"

I haven't been able to find a good source of bulk switches, with the product pages above offering them in 10 packs or 20 packs, with limited stock, and expensive from-the-US shipping.


I haven't been able to find an official source of Keycaps, or a good bulk source.

I have ordered these two different "artisan" sets of 1u caps (expensive, especially with shipping from the US):

The Ergo Alphas state they have a size of 17.5mm x 16.5mm, while the Natural keys don't list a size.

In this blog post, Lukas from MNT Research states "Blank keycaps are sourced from Kailh", though I don't know how he ordered them (probably in bulk), maybe I could buy a batch of keycaps and keys from him.