Transcribed notes from iPad

Want to do items

  • Design 50x80mm nrf52840 board
    • Use a power fet for LED cutout?
    • Add PMOD and QWIIC connectors?
    • Include a non-pop USB-C footprint?
  • Write an Anachro Bootloader
    • A/B side image
    • Update-able bootloader image (maybe)
  • Clean up and publish anachro crates
    • Split out Stargazer to its own repo
  • Design LiPo Stamp test stand
  • Something with the SCD30 CO2 sensor?
  • const-fn bbqueue implementation
  • Design Acrylic cases
    • Water resistant one (Kuma Collar)
    • General purpose "sandwich" case
  • Document "Eye of Sauron" idea
    • Grab sketch from iPad
  • Think about Anachro protocol versioning
  • Document "Tweet to Lab Notebook Importer"
    • Bot to open PR with my tweets and replies on a daily basis
    • Include text for search (not just links)
  • Mail out LiPo stamps to testers

Thoughts for me

I probably want to stream starting out the LiPo stamp tester, because I'll need that for the Kuma Collar/80x50 board.