Lego Shopping

So, I want to use Legos as a physical design medium as described in my prior note.

Adafruit Feather mounting board

I think as a test run, I'm going to make a demo for mounting an Adafruit Feather. Brainstorming:

  • Have THT holes for the edge pins
  • Have mounting holes for the main corner mounts
  • Have an optional pair of SMT QWIIC connectors at the front and back
  • Maybe break out some other pins too?
  • Maybe make a "side mount" and a "top/bottom" mount

Lego parts shopping

I want some base plates and parts to use for basic mounting (and maybe a little for playing with).

Here's my notes on shopping. These are all links, because I'm in Germany.

Other resources

I had these two online stores recommended to me, which look like a good choice if I want specific parts/colors. Not sure on the cost of shipping or anything.

    • There seem to be a lot of people selling batches here
    • The going price seems to be about 20-25EUR/kg, which claims ca. 700 pieces

JLC Tolerances

  • Drill Hole Size Tolerance:
    • +0.13/-0.08mm

PCB design

2.0" / 8mm => 6.350 0.9" / 8mm => 2.858

X: 89.84 + Y: 119.05

23 + 39.50 + 32 + 23.50