Slim Key Switches

These are footprints for the keyswitches for the MNT reform.

And the switches themselves:

But what would I want an external keyboard to do?

It would be sort of nice to have a standalone device that I can run a python-ish style calculator app on, but that would require a significant number of keys.

Maybe something that can do some basic functionality as a standalone device, but when plugged in, could be some kind of macro hotkey style device?

Should I just prototype this with the blackberry featherwing?

Brainstorm use cases

  • Timer
  • Calculator
  • Alarm Clock

What keys would I use for a python calculator?

  • Parenthesis
  • Operators
  • Period
  • Equals
  • Letters (for variables - T9?)
  • Comment (#)
  • Arrows

What if:

Keys: 15x15mm

Note: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Dimensions: 151.8x75.5mm

4x6 keypad: 90.0x60.0mm w/ 5mm space: 120x80mm

+   -   *   /
7   8   9   (
4   5   6   )
1   2   3   #
=   0   .   FUNC

Do a prototype with a break-away fifth column?

320x240 display: 1.333 ratio 2.6" screen: 66.04mm 40x53mm

400x300px 103x78.5mm outline 84.8x63.6mm display

MNT Reform Notes

X spacing of keys: 18.60mm Y spacing of keys: 17.60mm

LED Notes

TC2020RGB-3CJH-TX1812Z5 - 2.1x2.1mm WS2812 knockoff?