Kuma Collar

TODO: Picture or render of the collar

TODO: Picture of Kuma

Kuma is my dog. He is a corgi. For walks at night, I would like to have an LED collar for him.

To make this happen, this will involve:

  • A WS2812b strip for LEDs, capable of up to 1A of output
  • A 18650 or 21700 battery cell, providing 3Ah-5Ah of power
  • An nRF52840 MCU for control and communications, probably an MS88SF2 module
  • A LiPo stamp for battery management and charging
  • A custom PCB to hold all the parts
  • A waterproof case of some kind, possibly cut acrylic
  • Aviation connectors for:
    • USB data + power (4 pins)
    • WS2812b strip connection (3 pins)